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Whatever you need, we are here for you! We can do it all, from developing your web presence to building a state of the art web application to finding a professional and specialized development team. We do all the heavy lifting when it comes to technology, software and all the steps involved with development so that you can simply focus on doing what you do best - your core business!



CTO’s Application Managed Services focus on optimizing and innovating your business though a full range of industry-leading services, including digital, enterprise resource planning, information management, and systems integration.


With our Platform Managed Services, our team collaborates with trusted partners to provide custom cloud solutions that will help your business with hybrid infrastructure, backups, collocation, and migrations.


It takes an evolution both in technology and culture to make an organisation data driven. Our Data and Analytics services can help you capitalise on data, delivering analytics solutions with actionable results and real transformation.


We will take technology tasks off your to-do list, so you can focus on what you do best. From setting up technology, keeping systems running smoothly and empowering your teams to use them properly, we’ve got you covered!


Our Clients and Long Term Partners

  • The best part about working with CTO is that they have increased our efficiency by providing all the tools we in need in one place. Everything we need to carry out our jobs effectively is right at our fingertips on one platform in one system. It has allowed us to see everything that goes on in the company in real time which gives us an edge in the market and keeps us ahead of the game!
    Adrian Kenny
    Founder - At Your Request Franchise Group Limited
  • Totally depending on a technology partner like CTO is a bit of a challenge at first. I never thought entirely entrusting them will give me more time focusing on what we do best as a company - providing concrete for homes. Giving my trust to a provider who is capable of doing all the thinking and conceptualization in terms of branding and increasing our web presence and successfully pulling it off with minimal time and in the most cost-effective way, proved to be all worth it with CTO. Working with CTO, I know I can be confident they will achieve the desired results in automating, systematizing and scaling my business and bring it to the next level.
    Kevin Liu
    Founder, Ocean Concrete
  • As a small business, with no dedicated marketing resources, it is a struggle to do our main body of work while trying to create a new online interface. Ryan's from Comfac Technology Options Ltd has been enthusiastic, tenacious and had excellent follow through. He spent many hours trying to “get our message” , and with his team, he has created a new website that captures who we are, and what we are trying to do. This new interface has assisted our business to be more accessible online, and as such, creating greater potentials for opportunities. CTO services are complete and reasonable in price. I would very happily recommend CTO to others looking to update their online presence.
    Salma Rayan
    Commercial Manager, Innoflow Technologies NZ Limited
  • The people are amazing and they make time when you need help. The professionalism and great communication become a tool in a better understanding of the great results. The business is now more confident, conversion of customers are higher, the target market is responding and engaging better, plus the creativity makes this project new, fresh and fun
    Andrew Soriano
    Executive Chef, Nanam


Comfac Technology Options Limited (CTO) is a New Zealand based company that provides consulting and information technology services to enterprises. The company offers consulting, strategic planning, design, implementation and post-implementation services in the delivery of business solutions based on the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

CTO specializes in helping systematize by unifying all productivity tools in a single platform, streamline through automation, reduce inefficiencies, increase productivity and scale the business as the company focuses on what they do best.


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Do what you do best. Let us take care of the rest.


We want to change the world! When we see potential, we make it a reality! Together we can build the technologies of the future with our expertise and experience, network, products and resources combined with your ideas and vision. Bring us your amazing ideas and let us take care of the rest!


We believe in true service. We create products that customers and consumers actually want and need. We always look at how we can best serve and provide the best value by challenging ourselves, our partners and our employees to always deliver at the highest standards. Give us your trust and let us take care of the rest.


We know that it is all about you, our client, and our people that serve you! While you have a clear understanding of your needs and expectations, we and our team of experts are ready to meet them. We value you by responding with empathy, respect and courtesy. We believe that what sets our services apart is the human touch. Real people, serving with excellence.


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