Growing with the Times

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August 9, 2018
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August 24, 2022
Growing with the Times

What can possibly come next - another pandemic, climate change, severe weather conditions, cybercrime, political and civil instability maybe? The real question now is would your organization be resilient enough to grow with the times.

To plan and prepare a comprehensive solution would be the best response. Operations continuity, monitoring of threats and hazards, execution of associated response, recovery, and restoration plans would all play a critical part.

We at Comfac Technology Options (CTO) recognize this need as we have long been providing consulting and IT services to enterprises. However, we now go beyond that. With our recent strategic alliance with Infinity Blue, we get to empower organizations to rapidly build ready and resilient operations in the APAC region.

This strategic alliance is to help improve our clientele’s business systems through our award-winning Business Continuity Management (BCM) and DR (Disaster Recovery) software solution called BC in the Cloud (BCIC).

With BCIC your organization will remain resilient by utilizing the many features that are built by and tailored to BC/DR experts, including:

  • Creating a Business Impact Analysis with our intuitive BIA tool
  • Automating your business, IT, vendor, or location-based exercises directly in BC in the Cloud
  • Managing your plans with our customizable plan templates to help kick start your program.
  • Its built-in Mass Communication tool - Sendigo seamlessly manages and sends communication out to your entire organization.

We can also link you to Infinite Blue’s certified BC/DR experts who are here to help you with anything you need to create a robust program that allows your company to be resilient no matter what you face.Change is inevitable, but preparation is up to you. Better yet, let it be up to us. Get to know more about BC in the Cloud (BCIC) and book a demo with us soon to get a first-hand experience of our disaster recovery system!