The Difference Between Growing and Scaling Your Business

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July 10, 2018
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July 13, 2018
The Difference Between Growing and Scaling Your Business

Every business owner makes it a goal to grow their business. However, there is a far greater thing that can happen when you begin scaling your business. Knowing the difference between growing and scaling can spell the big difference.
Growing Your Business

While growing your business is usually associated with expanding globally, bringing your business to the internet or acquiring another business, what usually comes with it is increase in terms of workload and work that gets more and more complex. You can look forward to being overwhelmed with work leaving you frustrated and stressed out. Worst, your cost rises and eats up what could have been your revenue. Growing your business leaves you with more work and less profit. The result: despite all the growth, you earn the same amount. It also takes up more of your time with less and even no chance to gain some form of time freedom.

Scaling Your Business

Scaling on the other hand becomes the solution to the many disadvantages of pursuing business growth. It is key to gaining the desired revenue while enjoying more time freedom as your involvement to the daily operation of your business decreases. How? Scaling increases efficiency so that more is done with lesser time involved. Procedures and systems are put in place so productivity increases too. Scaling creates a framework that allows you to sustain growth strategies without additional work to be done. When business owners learn to scale, life actually becomes easier for them. It allows business owners to enjoy what it means to leverage on other people’s money, time and connections. The result: the business operates smoothly and grows with more profit and less work.

You now have a better option to scale in order to grow your business and reap the benefits you’ve always hoped for - time and financial freedom.